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EXCLUSIVE: An interview with Scars on 45 in Seattle!

Monday, December 15th, 2014

Three years ago, I did an interview with three very charismatic lads from the band Scars on 45 at the Paramount Theater in Seattle.  At the time, they had just released their self-titled debut album with Atlantic Records and they were having a great time touring the United States with The Fray.  And I – well, I […]

Daniel Layus (AUGUSTANA) on his latest release: ‘Life Imitating Life’

Friday, May 9th, 2014
Daniel Layus (AUGUSTANA) on his latest release: ‘Life Imitating Life’

There’s something so special about an artist that can bring light into your life just by sharing his talent with you. When you listen to Life Imitating Life, Daniel Layus’ first mostly solo effort under the moniker of Augustana, you can feel the lightness that can only come from songs that reflect an honest and authentic songwriter.

Unlike a lot of bands, Augustana got pretty big pretty fast early on in their career. Their debut record, All The Stars and Boulevards, quickly climbed the charts as their hit single, “Boston” played on radio stations across the country. Now that Daniel is the only founding member left, he’s been able to reflect and grow from the experience and get comfortable with who he is and what he wants from his career.