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Lisa Loeb on her new record: ‘No Fairy Tale’

Tuesday, February 19th, 2013

Those glasses. That sweet and relatable voice…

It’s no wonder that no one can captivate the world quite like iconic pop-rocker Lisa Loeb. After spending time doing some voice over work and writing children’s books, Lisa is back with her seventh album, No Fairy Tale. “This record is a return to making grownup records regularly.” She explained, “It’s full of punky/poppy/rock energy.”

Switchfoot finds its voice with ‘Vice Verses’

Thursday, September 29th, 2011
Switchfoot finds its voice with ‘Vice Verses’

With the release of Vice Verses, Switchfoot’s eighth studio album, the band feels more confident than ever that they are playing the music that they were born to make. The album is the band’s most daring endeavor yet, as they approached it with a more focused ear. “We wanted to really have the bass and drums be so good that you didn’t really didn’t even want to put guitars on it,” Drew says, “so we have a lot of verses that are very sparse because we wanted it to have some space, to have a landscape – a timeless quality like that.”