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Summer is ‘Hotting Up’!: A Q&A with Iration


Your summer is about to get a lot hotter!  California-based band Iration recently announced their third full-length album Hotting Up which is slated for release on August 28th.  I was lucky enough to get a quick Q&A with Bassist Adam Taylor a couple of days after the Summer Meltdown Festival in Darrington.  I LOVE these guys and I know you will too!

How did you guys meet and what made you decide to play music together?
We actually met and became friends in Hawaii but didn’t start the band until we moved to Santa Barbara for college. We started the band as a hobby, it was something fun to do with our shared love of reggae, and it soon became something much bigger.

Looking back to when you started in 2008, what are you most proud of accomplishing since then?
I think just making an album was an accomplishment for us, but having people buy it and it do well was something we never expected.

Were you guys sure that you were going to make it from the beginning?
Definitely not. It wasn’t until a few years playing music together that we had a small inkling that we were onto something.

Your new album Hotting Up – you guys described it as “the most complete album that you’ve ever made…what do you mean by that?
In the sense that it’s our most mature work and most well-rounded. We used the help of a producer (King David) which we hadn’t done in the past. Having an outside set of ears to guide and shape our musical abilities helped make it our most complete work to date.

What do you hope people get from your music?
We hope that it makes people feel good and transport them to a better place.

You guys write a lot of happy songs, when you’re feeling down, do you feel like writing the happy songs brings you back up? Do you ever write sad songs?
I think what we play and write mirrors how we feel in life, and lately that has been from a place of happiness.

What have you guys learned from touring with each other for so many years?
Respect, humility, and that we are constantly learning and growing with each other.

Have you guys ever toured with Slightly Stoopid? I did a great interview with them last week and would love to hear your thoughts on them and their music to tie in!
We’ve played with them a few times but never toured together. We love their music! They’re definitely an inspiration for us and have set a good example of how to be a successful touring band.

What are three albums that really inspire you?
Beatles – White Album
Arctic Monkeys – AM
Tom Petty – Damn The Torpedoes

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