» Interviews » Must see show: Lisa Loeb in Kirkland Tomorrow, April 9th!
Must see show: Lisa Loeb in Kirkland Tomorrow, April 9th!

Lisa Loeb

It’s been a while since we’ve seen Lisa Loeb in the Seattle area – but lucky for us, she is going to be playing at the Kirkland Performance Center tomorrow night. I was lucky enough to have a fantastic chat with Lisa just a couple of days before the show, check it out! And get your tickets here! And stay tuned for photos and a review of the show!

Hi Lisa!

How long has it been since you’ve been in Seattle? We are extremely excited to have you visit us again!
I think I was at the triple door in 2011, and I’m so excited to come back! I think I was there for another concert or event more recently, because I remember walking around a cool part of town with my husband. Yes! I remember now, I bought a hat at Byrnie Utz hats from Jeremy, and played a private event at Triple Door.

How is touring different for you now than it was in the past? What has made this particular tour special?
Touring is different now that I have kids. I don’t want to be away, but I also really want to get out and play in front of people, so I need a clone.
This tour is special because a number of my shows are with my band Nine Stories, and I have been playing solo or duo shows lately, so that’s really cool.
It’s also strange playing so late- I’m usually in bed by 10pm on the West coast in preparation for the early morning with the kids.

What do you love about playing your songs live in comparison to just recording and releasing them?
I love the energy of playing live and people singing along. The live show really lives in that moment, which is really special- some people try to capture it in a recording, but really, the live show experience is best in that exact moment. I also like tour merch. Our t-shirts are super cute!!

What’s the best fan interaction you’ve had on the road?
In Jacksonville, FL, there’s a man and his daughter who came to see me in the 90’s, then later in the 90’s they showed me the photo of me with the cute little girl, only now the little girl was a teenager, and then years go by and now I just met the father again, and they showed me the photo of their daughter who I met in the 90’s with her baby!! Wow, I can’t believe how time passes.

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